Adult Nightclub Insurance

Adult Nightclubs Insurance Program

Adult nightclubs – otherwise known as exotic or gentlemen’s clubs – run the gamut from swanky venues with cover charges and valet parking to neighborhood bars with side entertainment. Depending on clientele, location, operating hours, security operations, among other factors, the exposures to liability claims differ from club to club. To offer thorough and reliable coverage, you need an underwriter who understands the wide range of clubs as well as the unique challenges and risks in the industry. Working with such a professional means that your client can be placed quickly in a fairly priced hospitality insurance program.

RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC offers superior liability program insurance for adult nightclubs and other hospitality venues along with risk mitigation and claims services that help reduce your clients’ risk of loss. Our professionals understand the industry and common hurdles that adult nightclub owners have to face.

Working with adult nightclubs across the country, we provide reliable lines of adult nightclub insurance coverages. Our product line includes:

What’s more, we offer valuable add-ons, such as investigation assistance to weed out fraudulent claims and protect your pocket. Saving you time and money while providing coverage your clients can count on, we are here to help.
No longer do you need to suffer through multiple submissions. RMS Insurance takes the guesswork out of the insurance application process. Our staff members have prior experience in the hospitality industry, from staffing clubs and running bars, and know how to handle common risks and exposures.
Let us put our years of knowledge to work for you. We can offer excellent underwriting combined with superior risk management and claims services specific to the hospitality sector – all with affordability in mind.

Working with adult nightclubs across the country, we provide reliable lines of coverages.