Setting an Adult Nightclub Apart from the Rest: Branding Tips

Knowing the product and the brand your clients wish to sell is the first step in a successful branding strategy. While authenticity, uniqueness, and consistency can help boost the brand, an effective and complete branding strategy is required to separate your clients from the over-saturated market. In addition to sharing the following tips with them, ensure they are secured with an Adult Nightclub Insurance Program.

Market to the right customer.

Start by marketing to the target audience. This starts by your clients explaining to their customer who they are. First, start by naming the place appropriately. Think of something that works for the intended brand, the audience your clients wish to attract, and something that is unique enough to stand out.

Internal branding.

When a guest walks into your establishment bombard them with your band in subtle ways, says industry expert Chris Lenahan. The hostess greeting, server greeting, food and drink menus, employee uniforms, glassware, and pens are a few ways to ensure that when consumers leave your bar, your brand is imprinted on them, he explains.

External branding.

This includes, but is not limited to flyers, TV, internet, wrapped vehicles, banners, flags, radio advertisements, social media and more. Depending on the budget, focus on at least two or three of these external branding techniques, especially social media as it’s free and reaches the most people with ease.

Create an atmosphere.

Chain nightclubs don’t necessarily mean they will be the most successful. Create a unique atmosphere and ensure your clients provide an experience that is all their own. According to Nightclub & Bar, Bigger brands struggle to make swift changes that smaller brands are better at doing. “Smaller venues have a freedom that the larger chains will never have,” Lenahan says.

At RMS Hospitality Group, we understand the inherent risks associated with operating a nightclub. In order to secure your business, we offer a variety of coverages designed specifically for specialty clubs like yours. For more information on which policies your company requires, we invite you to contact our specialists today at (888) 359-8390.

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